3 tips to prepare your horse for a race

Diet for Your Horse

horse for a race

Just like an athlete needs preparation before a race, a horse also needs to be prepared for a race. A horse needs to be trained so that he can compete with the other horses. Here are some tips to prepare your horse for a race.

Daily grooming

You should keep your horse’s coat in the best condition. So, daily grooming is extremely important. When you groom your horse every day it will also increase your emotional bonding with your horse. You should pick up the horse’s hooves regularly.

Daily grooming

Regular exercise

You should hire a trainer and take your horse to the track every day in the morning. You should do a timed workout so that you know whether your horse is fit to enter a race. You should slowly increase the distance the horse needs to run and every time check the time it takes to cover the distance.

 Regular exercise

Balanced diet

The horse should get a balanced diet to get energy. It is recommended that you feed your horse 7 to 9kg of grass hay every day. You can include vegetable oil to the diet as well. It will help in digestion. You should add probiotic to the diet which will give the essential vitamins needed to improve the horse’s health.

If you prepare your horse well for races, there will be less chance of any injuries. The horse will have a higher chance of winning against the competitors. You must start training your horse from a very young age. Make sure your horse has the optimum health at the time of the race. Afterall, a healthy horse can make you win many races. Hire an expert trainer with many years of experience to train your horse for the race.

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