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Importance Of Horse Joint Supplements

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We are going to be shedding more light on the importance of equine joint supplements for your horse. The information that we’ll be divulging is crucial for horse owners.

Therefore, there are three crucial ingredients in equine joint supplements for horses that every horse owner should always take note. These ingredients help your horse joint to get every necessary element it needs to function well.


This ingredient helps the horse’s joint get an adequate supply of synovial fluid which is the horse’s natural joint lubricant. Hyaluronic Acid contains a healthy amount of synovial fluid, which makes it essential for horse supplements. It will make sure your horse’s bone don’t grind together.


Organic MSM

Organic MSM produces the fabricating elements and proteins, which are essential for muscle and ligament improvement.
It also helps in the revitalisation of connective muscle in and around the joint.



Glucosamine HCL

Glucosamine HCL has proven over the time to be essential elements of horse’s supplements for promoting healthy joints.

Research carried showed that this agent plays a vital role in reconnecting tissues in and around the horse’s joints. It also strengthens the joint and also enhances the muscles to recover quickly from minor damages.

Please note, there is little scientific proven evidence that confirms the claims by horse supplements manufacturing companies’ claims. But this doesn’t stop horse owners from using this supplement.

The fact remains that, these supplements have been in existence for ages. Hence, its used by millions of horse owners to supplements their horse diet and have a lot of positive feedbacks for strength and joint support.

For your horse not to suffer from the following, make sure to supplement your horse’s diet plan with products containing all the ingredient mentioned above: Joint disease and infection, Movement discomfort, Less activeness.


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5 Essential Horse Nutritional Supplements That You Can’t-Do Without

Horse Joint Supplement


There are tons of different range of supplements for horses well-being in the marketplace. Both online and offline store has thousands of other types of horse nutritional supplements that you can buy, but this variety leaves some horse owner confused.

We will outline five essential Horse Nutritional Supplement for your horse healthy living and beautiful performance. Noteworthy, this supplements should not be overlooked by horse owner as they are of high-quality ingredients.

We will also give a little description of the performance of the products and how much it enhances your horse’s healthy living.


Joint supplements

It’s an obvious fact that horses are prone to joint problems and this makes lots of horse owner worried. Hence, this issue is as a result of incessant pounding and twisting of the horse’s joint.

This makes their joint vulnerable to different kind of joint problems. Hence, there is a need for you to make sure that your horses are in good health and sturdy enough for your wants.

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Joint supplements will prevent your horse’s joint from having such issues. And for horses with any form of joint problem, supplementing the horse’s feeds with joint supplements is the best way to go.


Garlic-Granules Supplements:

Garlic-Granules is one of the supplements that have been around for ages. Furthermore, most horse owners use this supplements because it works perfectly well for them.

Garlic-Granule supplements enhance the immune system because it contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory resources. It will make your horse healthy always.

Also, Garlic can serve as flies repellant. As you supplement your horse with Garlic-Granule, you are also assisting it in preventing flies, mosquitoes, and insects from peaching on it.


Mud fever cream:

Mud fever is a severe disease that attacks horse’s lower legs. It’s necessary that continually be on the watch for any signs of mud fever. Because if you ignore the early traits of the plague, it can cause prolonged harm to the horse’s limb muscle.

Dermatophilus congolensis is the cause of Mud Fever infection. You can ease the inflammation in the limb tissue by utilizing Mud-Fever cream to the limbs areas. The cram will also act as a stumbling block to prevent more bacteria from getting to your horse’s body system.


Feed balancers:

Equine Feed balancer is the most essential of all the supplements for horses. It acts in the form of multi-vitamin for horses. These supplements are also full of vital minerals, nutrient, and vitamins for horse’s healthy living and strength.

Calmer Supplements

Just like every other animal, horses also get anxious and spooky sometimes. Though this is a natural occurrence, it can cause troubles for those who are into horse riding disciplines.

It can also make your horse perform poorly in its functions. Noteworthy, make sure to always have a horse calmer available, especially for those that are into disciplines like Eventing and Dressage.

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No Fear of Others

5 tips for selecting a winning horse at a race

winning horse at a race

Horse racing is a very popular sports event in many countries. People bet on the horses and enjoy the thrill and atmosphere of horse racing.

If you want to bet on a horse then it is important to know certain things about horses so that you can pick up the winning horse. Here are some tips for selecting a winning horse.

Learn about the trainers

Winning depends on how the horse was trained. So, try to learn about the trainer and his level of expertise. You should find out whether he is a skilled trainer and what his winning records in races are with this horse. Choose a horse that has been trained by an expert trainer.

The trainers

Analyze the past races

You should put your money on horses based on their previous performances. If you analyze the past 10 races, you will get a trend which will give an idea about the horse’s next performance.

Pick a healthy one

You should choose a horse that is healthy and strong. Avoid betting on horses that show signs of fatigue before a race. Weak horses have less chance of winning the race.

 healthy Horse Only

Inactive period

If a horse has been inactive for 90 days or more, that horse is unlikely to do well in the race. Horses with inactive periods of 30 to 60 days have good chances of winning. If a horse has participated in too many races within a short time, then that horse may not be ideal for betting on the next race.

Check out the odds

You shouldn’t bet on the underdogs because of higher odds. You should place your money on the favorite to increase your chances of winning.

Horse racing is complicated and several factors determine the outcome of the race. You should choose your horse carefully and improve your chance of winning the bet.

More advantage of horse riding is helping to reduce fatness or as weightloss and building leaner body shape and ripped especially for men. And for riders who use top cutting stack for men and women always, often report much better and faster results.

Using A Horse Betting System Pro For Your Pick

Betters who are enthusiasts use horse-race betting system pro. They see horse race betting as an investment more than gambling. Being able to predict a winning horse could earn one lot of cash than expected and making the act more fun.

Horse betting system pro is a system that delivers excellent results for betters, and also in high demand at the moment.

They abide by a specific horse racing rules which they use to pick horses that will probably win.

Many horse race professional and veterans also develop varieties of systems they use in picking winning horses. They come up with this system because they have been tracking every horse race right from when they realize the worth of horse race betting.

This system is created following the nature of the race in question and taking cogent note on every participating horses.

The horse race betting system is a guild that shows at least three numbers of horses that are likely to perform credibly well in the race track.

Furthermore, for you to win consistently in a horse racing betting, choosing a working system could perform the magic. When the system is followed ideally, you are sure of winning months to months because its created by veterans and professionals in the field.

There are also some international horse race betting masters who created betting system base on years of scientific studies and analysis.

Most of this systems work wonders but not 100% guarantee but can assure you of return on your investment when appropriately followed.

Therefore, if you want to take horse race betting as an investment rather than just gambling, then you need a betting system. Choose the right one for your investment and see your money grow.

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4 ways you can keep your horse healthy

keep your horse healthy

If you take care of your horse on a regular basis, your horse will stay healthy. You will need a lot of dedication from your end so that your horse doesn’t fall sick often. Here are four ways you to keep your horse in good health.

Be in touch with a veterinarian

You can develop a wellness program with your veterinarian. You can get the best advice about the horse’s health from your veterinarian.

You should take your horse to the veterinarian regularly to evaluate his health which includes vaccinations, physical and dental exam, and deworming.

Give less stress to your horse

Horses get stressed easily compared to the other creatures. Stress can cause depression, diarrhea, ulcers or affect the immune system. You should try to minimize the stress level of your horses. You should have patience when you train your horse and try to have a horse companion.

Give good quality food and maintain weight

You should feed your horse roughage. You shouldn’t bu cheap hay or any commercial feed. You should make sure that your horse doesn’t become overweight.

Make them exercise regularly

Horses usually take little steps when grazing. They just stand for a long time when they are in stalls. So, you should make the time to take your horse out of the stall every day and get him to move around.

This will help in blood circulation and improve the digestive system. You will notice positive changes in the horse’s behavior as well.

Raising a horse healthily takes a lot of time and patience. A healthy horse is good to look at and can be beneficial to you in many ways. You should always be concerned about the horse’s health and do everything to keep the horse healthy.

Diet for Your Horse

3 tips to prepare your horse for a race

horse for a race

Just like an athlete needs preparation before a race, a horse also needs to be prepared for a race. A horse needs to be trained so that he can compete with the other horses. Here are some tips to prepare your horse for a race.

Daily grooming

You should keep your horse’s coat in the best condition. So, daily grooming is extremely important. When you groom your horse every day it will also increase your emotional bonding with your horse. You should pick up the horse’s hooves regularly.

Daily grooming

Regular exercise

You should hire a trainer and take your horse to the track every day in the morning. You should do a timed workout so that you know whether your horse is fit to enter a race. You should slowly increase the distance the horse needs to run and every time check the time it takes to cover the distance.

 Regular exercise

Balanced diet

The horse should get a balanced diet to get energy. It is recommended that you feed your horse 7 to 9kg of grass hay every day. You can include vegetable oil to the diet as well. It will help in digestion. You should add probiotic to the diet which will give the essential vitamins needed to improve the horse’s health.

If you prepare your horse well for races, there will be less chance of any injuries. The horse will have a higher chance of winning against the competitors. You must start training your horse from a very young age. Make sure your horse has the optimum health at the time of the race. Afterall, a healthy horse can make you win many races. Hire an expert trainer with many years of experience to train your horse for the race.