Choosing the Right Diet for Your Horse

Diet for Your Horse

Diet for Your HorseDuring the old times, people don’t consider a lot of option when it comes with feeding their horses, some of them are contended with feeding their horses with grass or hay just like what you see on the television. However, grass and hay might not give enough nutrients for your horse to stay healthy enough. That’s why you need to know about the importance of choosing the right diet for your horse.

Check for the condition and weight

It is very beneficial for you as an owner and for horse to know about their condition and as well as their weight because it is the best way to know if your horse is at any risk. Most people do not have any measuring tools for their animals which should be the very thing that they need in order for them to estimate and know the current condition of their animals if either they need to gain weight or lose weight.

However, if it is hard for you to have an access for measuring tools for your animals then you can use this equation to help you in getting the body weight of your horse= Heart girth x heart girth x Length (cm) divided by 11900.

It is very important to you to know the current condition and weight of the horse again since it can also show you the proper amount of concentrate you can add to their daily feeding.

Check the age

The need for nutrition for your horses may also vary on the horses age. There are horses which are young and are very active when it comes to doing their everyday activities that’s why some owners tend to feed their horses with hays that contains more protein because they think that protein makes their horses active, but it is not true.

For young horses, more calories are required along with starch and sugar in order for them to keep the energy and do their activities of daily living. On the other hand, old horses may develop some needs as they grow old and acquire some diseases which the common one is related to metabolic diseases, as well as loose tooth and losing weight.

what to feed horsesThe time you noticed that your horse is already old and is starting to get weaker and starts to lose some teeth, consult your vet immediately because this might be a starting point for your horse to acquire some diseases.

You also need to put into consideration that when you feed an older horse, it should be fed separately from the rest of the horses so it can eat without disturbances from other horses which might take away the food.

Also, providing extra nutrients for the older horses is essential to make his life longer and for it to remain stronger and for some horses who already lose some teeth, consider soaking any hay pellets or hard food for the horse not to have a hard time when choking it. 

Select the best Grain

A lot of people who are taking care of horses provide them with grains that contains extra calories in order for the horses to be stronger without considering some contents it have that might not be appropriate. Sure there are a lot of grains for sale in the markets today and some of them include:

  • Barley
  • Corn
  • Oats

Barley contains protein that are easier to digest for horses rather than corn, and provides higher energy compared with oats. However, they easily mold when they are not stored properly and are not easy to digest by the small intestine.

Mostly horses like the taste of corn and it is good for them because it contains a big percentage of starch and lastly oats, well oats are very easy to chew for horses and is known as a safe grain since it can easily be digested by the small intestine, however they do not provide all the nutrients and vitamins that horses need.

So when you choose for a grain, make sure to check the back label of the tag to ensure the amount that you need to feed for your horse so that they won’t lack any vitamins and minerals. You can read more on home soil.

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