equine physiotherapy

Purchasing an Equine Laser

equine dentistryEquine therapy is a form of therapy done to horses in order to speed up the recovery process of injuries. Being an application of cold lasers, equine therapy is very valuable in the industry as it ensures that the horses are in top shape or reaches the goal in a much faster rate.

Due to its extreme convenience and contributions, equine therapy is not being practiced by more and more professionals. However, even horse owners can treat the horses themselves and perform equine therapy by simply buying an equine laser.

As the name suggests, equine laser is the main component in making equine therapy successful and if you are buying one, here are some things to consider:

  • Wavelength

Wavelength is a very important aspect of equine lasers because their main function is to determine the depth of penetration that your laser can make. Penetration can be rather crucial in providing you with your desired results. The wavelength is a whole new different story to tell so is sure to read up on it first before heading out to buy you an equine laser.

  • Therapy Area

The therapy area pertains to the scope of your therapy if it’s broad or fine. Broad and fine areas have their respective benefits. Having a broad scope, as the name suggests, will cover a larger area as compared to its counterpart but the treatment will be even and will not focus on any part. On the other hand, fine area therapy is used to treat with focus.

  • Durability and Portability

Equine lasers come in different shapes and size with the bigger ones obviously belonging to a clinic more than a barn. Furthermore, the size of the equine laser you will be buying will ultimately be determined by your knowledge of the treatment as well. For starters, you can buy the ones with the smaller wattages first before upgrading to the bigger ones.

  • Power

When t comes to equine lasers, more power directly equates to more risk. Power pertains to the speed it takes for your laser to cover a certain distance and anything playing in the region of 400mW should do the job.

  • Pulsing

Pulsing is a feature of equine laser that stimulates the ells to keep the body from adapting to thee input. For the best results, you may want to go for a laser featuring this one together with continuous wave.